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Wand cores we use

Houchin's House of Wizarding Wares uses over 30 magical cores from creatures across cultures.

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Meet the wandmaker

All of our wands are created from real wood by a real wandmaker and magizoologist.

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Wand woods we use

Houchin's House of Wizarding Wares has used over 50 types of wood from around the world.

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Welcome to Houchin’s House of Wizarding Wares! Our motto is “Quality wands for quality wizards.” Each of our handmade wooden magic wands is as unique as the person it chooses.

Our wands are used by Harry Potter and fantasy fans, practitioners, and art collectors. Whether you are using your wand for cosplay, ritual, or just display, we want your wand to be a reflection of your personality.

Browse our in-stock products to find the right wand or place a custom order for your dream wand. Houchin’s House of Wizarding Wares is a small business that provides a personalized shopping experience. If you have any questions, be sure to visit our frequently asked questions and feel free to email us through the contact form if you don’t find an answer.