The ancient Celts assigned a tree for each month of the year. The calendar follows the lunar cycles and has 13 months. Much like the well-known Zodiac signs, your birth date could tell you things about your personality because each wood also has certain personality traits.

The original wand woods by birth date are listed below, but since Houchin’s House of Wizarding Wares is in the United States, rather than Europe, we do not have access to all of these woods. In our graphic at the end, you will find we have used American alternatives. Through extensive research, we have found these woods to be quite similar in personality.

Although you need not follow this as a strict guide, the Celtic calendar can be a great starting place if you are unsure. Choose wand woods by birth date using the chart below.

The Celtic Calendar:

December 24th to January 20th ~ birch

January 21st to February 17th ~ rowan

February 18th to March 17th ~ ash

March 18th to April 14th ~ alder

April 15th to May 12th ~ willow

May 13th to June 9th ~ hawthorn

June 10th to July 7th ~ oak

July 8th to August 4th ~ holly

August 5th to September 1st ~ hazel

September 2nd to September 29th ~ vine

September 30th to October 27th ~ ivy

October 28th to November 24th ~ reed

November 25th to December 23rd ~ elder

Our Americanized Calendar:


Choosing your perfect wand by birthdate

We are writing a blog series on choosing your perfect wand by birth date using a variety of calendars beyond the Celtic wand wood calendar. Find your core and other design elements below.

January 21 – February 17

February 18 – March 17

March 18 – April 14

April 15 – May 12

May 13 – June 9

June 10 – July 7

July 8 – August 4

August 5 – September 1

September 2 – September 29

September 30 – October 27

October 28 – November 24

November 25 – December 23

December 24 – January 20