Erin the wand carverErin Houchin is the wand carver for Houchin’s House of Wizarding Wares. He grew up in west Texas where trees are hard to come by yet very valuable. Trees do not naturally grow on the plains where water is scarce. However, trees are necessary to block the wind and protect animals. Driving through that area, one will see nothing but fields for miles, the suddenly a stand of trees. Those trees mark where a home stands. Or once stood. In west Texas, trees tells the stories of the families who live there.

A lifetime later, Erin now lives in the city of Fort Worth. There are more trees in spite of the concrete, yet they are just as valuable. Trees provide shade in the summer, homes for animals, beauty for neighborhoods and a sense of connection to nature.

Most of our wands are made from these trees. When a storm blows a branch down or an old tree must be removed, Erin rescues the fallen wood and gives it a second life. That is his passion – taking something that would be turn into waste and making it new again.

All of our wands are hand carved, though some may be initially turned from a branch to the basic wand shape for symmetry. They are made with only natural materials – no artifical dyes or chemical finishes. Our goal is to provide a wand that is naturally beautiful and as unique as the person who wields it.

Erin is available for guest speaking and panel discussions at comic and fan conventions or other events. Read more about guest speaking.