This is a list of wand cores we have available. We use only humane wand cores that are collected without harming the magical creature.

Note: This information has been collected through years of research. It is intended to help customers choose a wand and cannot be copied for other uses.


Centaur hair

  • Location: Europe
  • Creature Description: Half human/half horse
  • Personality: Wise and powerful
  • Primary Use: Divination

Dodo bird feather

  • Location: Southeast Africa
  • Creature Description: Flightless bird that can become invisible
  • Personality: Gentle and reclusive
  • Primary Use: Invisibility and transfiguration

Dragon tooth

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Creature Description: Large reptile, usually with wings – descriptions vary with location of origin
  • Personality: Powerful
  • Primary Use: All forms of magic

Dryads hair

  • Location: Europe
  • Creature Description: Tree spirit, usually feminine in form
  • Personality: Gentle but protective
  • Primary Use: Nature magic

 Fairy wings

  • Location: Europe
  • Creature Description: Wide variety of races, generally very small with humanoid appearance
  • Personality: Clever and quick
  • Primary Use: Charms

Firefly wings

  • Location: North America
  • Creature Description: flying insect with bioluminescent tail
  • Personality: Optimistic and creative
  • Primary Use: Alchemy

Griffin feather

  • Location: Asia, Europe, and Northern Africa
  • Creature Description: part lion/part eagle
  • Personality: Noble and adventurous
  • Primary Uses: Alchemy and divination

Hayra scales

  • Location: Thailand
  • Creature Description: Crocodile like creature that can take on human appearance
  • Personality: Clever and ruthless
  • Primary use: Transfiguration

Hrafn feather

  • Location: Europe and North America
  • Creature Description: Large black carrion bird
  • Personality: Wise and mysterious
  • Primary Use: Divination and combat

Jackalope horn

  • Location: North America
  • Creature Description: Large hare with antlers similar to an antelope
  • Personality: Clever and tricky
  • Primary Use: Charms

Mandrake root

  • Location: Europe, specifically the Mediterranean
  • Plant description: Toxic plant with roots that often resemble human figures
  • Personality: Earthy
  • Primary Use: Love spells and healing

Merperson hair

  • Location: Oceans worldwide
  • Creature description: half human/half fish
  • Personality: Temperamental and intelligent
  • Primary Use: Water based magic


  • Location: Europe, Southwest Asia, and southern Africa
  • Creature Description: small songbird known for singing its unique song both night and day
  • Personality: Spontaneous and creative
  • Primary Use: Love magic and divination

Phoenix feather

  • Location: Worldwide
  • Creature Description: flaming bird with powers of regeneration
  • Personality: Strong and proud
  • Primary Use: Undoing dark magic

Raiju whiskers

  • Location: Japan
  • Creature description: small mammal similar to a dog or weasel, often wrapped in lightning
  • Personality: Explosive and unpredictable
  • Primary use: Electric-based magic

Salamander skin

  • Location: Europe
  • Creature Description: Large lizard with an affinity for fire
  • Personality: Quick tempered
  • Primary Use: Healing and fire-based magic

Sea serpent scales

  • Location: Oceans worldwide
  • Creature Description: Large ocean dwelling serpent, descriptions vary based on location of origin
  • Personality: Slow and gentle
  • Primary Use: Healing and water-based magic

Troll hair

  • Location: Worldwide, typically in mountains or caves
  • Creature description: Humanoids with exaggerated features, some species are much larger than humans while others are much smaller
  • Personality: Slow but powerful
  • Primary use: Simple nature magic

Unicorn hair

  • Location: Europe
  • Creature description: Horse with one large horn protruding from head
  • Personality: Gentle and thoughtful
  • Primary Use: Healing


Instead of a metaphysical core, we sometimes use a crystal.


Chevron amethyst is connected to the third eye and is ideal for dispelling negative energy and to facilitate spiritual healing. It can also be used for divination.

Citrine is a stone of positivity and sunlight. It naturally repels darkness and negativity. Historically known as the “merchant’s stone”, it is fantastic and enhancing and maintaining wealth. As a byproduct of its monetary benefits, citrine brings luck and confidence to almost any spell.

Rock quartz is perhaps one of the most recognizable crystals and most universal. It serves as an amplifier for all magic and takes on the qualities of the magic it is asked to perform most often. Though willing to perform any white magic, it has gained a reputation as being particularly powerful at healing and the banishing of dark powers.